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Ebooks by Arte Maren

The three rules of real estate are . . . location, location, location.

And the three rules to eliminate the distractions on your way to achieve your goals—prioritize, prioritize, prioritize. But determining which of your many obligations and responsibilities ARE the priorities is no easy feat—unless you KNOW HOW. Effective management is dependent upon not only getting things done right but getting the right things done!

There are TEN KEY ELEMENTS that need to be fully addressed and aligned for effective management. They apply to business. They apply to families. They apply to your life. They form an administrative scale of importance (called the Admin Scale) that will coordinate your activities and guide your progress. They are the Natural Laws of Management, whether one is managing a business or a life!

You can learn these TEN KEY ELEMENTS and how to apply them to your business or living. And you will experience, as tens of thousands have all over the world, the magical results!”

The alignment of efforts—your own and that of others in your company or practice—determines how quickly and effectively things get done. You will discover that when each of these ten elements align beautifully with every other element, and truly reflects YOUR goals and purposes, you can create a focused and practically unstoppable drive toward truly achieving your dreams. It is a momentum that builds and builds.

With the use of the Admin Scale technology, you can turn frustration and uncertainty into a lifetime of accomplishment.

Arte Maren has spent the last 25 years presenting his Admin Scale Seminar around the world. Now this tool, the Admin Scale, and how to use it, is fully documented in The Natural Laws of Management: The Admin Scale, which is based in part on the Hubbard management system, developed by L. Ron Hubbard.

Buy The Natural Laws of Management: The Admin Scale now as a hardback or an eBook, and experience the magic!

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